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I am developing a mobile application

I’ve spent some time developing my app and now that it’s over, I realise that I have to deal with some legal aspects of publishing an app.

I am not an expert, but I understand that I need to ensure that users have agreed to certain terms of service before using my application.

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I need to manage Terms and Conditions and their evolution

I want to keep track and prove that ToS/ToU were accepted and when.

In the future of my app, the terms of service may be subject to change, and I will also need to manage the segmentation between app version, accepted ToS version, and many aspects of my user’s privacy experience.

This could quickly become a pain point and using a dedicated solution can help me with this task.

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I want a system that is easy to integrate

Right Consents offers an SDK to easily integrate all aspects of ToS management into an existing application with very few lines of code. The record/registration database that is now populated can then be queried using the REST API by all elements of my information system that need to access the ToS acceptance status of users.

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Centralising privacy aspects, preferences and ToS will become a strong added value for my users

Having integrated Right Consents, I can also manage other aspects of users’ privacy like preferences or consents (GDPR) in a single, centralised system. I will then be able to use the record database in all my CRM tools to keep track of their choices and increase the transparency of my marketing strategy.

My users are also able to manage all privacy aspects of their personal information in a unified event-driven interface if collected by all my disseminated tools.