Admin Features


  • Modeling of processing, preferences and terms of services
  • Lifecycle management of models and version history (major and minor versions)
  • Validation process before publishing a new model
  • Hash Code generation for published models for preservation and proof
  • Custom roles with granular permissions (Enterprise Edition)
  • Support for multiple languages (Enterprise Edition)



  • Models content archiving and history
  • Scripts integrity support
  • Query or dump user record history
  • Database integrity checks
  • Standard Consent Receipt (XML)
  • Pluggable user consent confirmation process like SMS or signing certificate (Enterprise Edition)
  • Digital Forensic Proof of generated documents (Enterprise Edition)
  • Certified Timestamp (RFC 3161) for receipts (Enterprise Edition)

Integration Schema


  • Embeddable HTML forms (redirection or IFrame)
  • Rich API, JSON objects and Typescript SDK
  • Consent transaction with predefined workflow
  • Notifications to users via email
  • Webhook support
  • Pluggable authentication (OAuth, OIDC, SAML, HTTP Basic, LDAP…)
  • Notifications to users via SMS (Enterprise Edition)
  • Custom roles with granular permissions (Enterprise Edition)

Availability Schema

Availability and Customization

  • Configurable customer page for Consent and Preference Management
  • Dedicated operator interface
  • Open source code for backend and GUI
  • Community support (forum, mailing list)
  • Highly available and scalable SaaS hosting (Enterprise Edition)
  • Specific support (Enterprise Edition)