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My activity is based on Digital Communication and Marketing

As an online product reseller, a large part of my business relies on marketing actions and campaigns to increase my visibility with customers. I can use different channels for my digital communication, such as websites, mailings, mobile apps and digital advertising. To improve my customer experience, I plan to use personal information to achieve more targeted communication.

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I built a multi-channel relationship with customers

On each of my channels, I have a specific processing around users’ personal information and it confuses my customers to understand what information is used, where and when.

I want to leverage my GDPR compliance in a way that gives a marketing transparency signal to my customers by ensuring a better user experience around personal data privacy and a greater trust in using all of my channels.

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I want a unified Privacy UX for my customers

By using Right Consents, I can collect necessary elements only of user preferences and consents on each of my digital channels. The collection is done with a unified graphical approach, allowing my clients to gradually build trust in the use of their personal information by knowing how to change their mind.

With specific consent communication feedback emails, my customers are always informed of their choices. They also have access to the dedicated Privacy Center app to centrally manage all their channel choices and keep track of their choice history.

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I need my internal marketing and GDPR tools to be synchronised

The Right Consents API allows you to register webhooks to receive push notification of any changes from any channel regarding your customers’ consents and preferences. All your marketing tools and any other information system elements will then be synchronised with your customer choices, avoiding any communication error.

The API also offers an efficient export function to disseminate customers’ choices. It then becomes an effective alternative to avoid costly developments or customization of the elements of the existing information system.