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Receipts are files created each time a subject submits their consent and choices about a given context. They are stored in the easy-to-process XML format, but can also be generated in a more human-readable format (namely PDF).

They can act as proof of consent as they hold all the necessary information:

  • the subject identifier
  • the language used
  • the collection method
  • the collection and expiration time
  • the receipt identifier
  • the exact content of each element (processing, preferences, terms & conditions) which was shown to the subject
  • the subject's choice about each element
  • the name of the data controller
  • a link to the privacy policy
  • a QR code allowing the subject to change their choices (if possible)


If you wish so, you can configure your contexts so that subjects will receive a PDF receipt by email upon consent submission. They can then freely dispose of these proofs.

All receipts are also accessible via the operator backoffice and, of course, through the API.

Receipts Guide - Operator View